Quick & easy energy connections for your building sites.

Our free online solution for builders & tradies streamlines new electricity and gas connections and tracks realtime progress so you can get on with your job.

The ConnectExpress Builders dashboard is powerful yet simple.

Key features

Saves you time

Raise new connections online in minutes! No tedious paper forms where you have to keep re-entering the same details.

Expert local support

Our Bathurst-based support team have been helping builders connect their sites for decades. No offshore call centres!

Keeps you in the loop

Your own dashboard shows at a glance where all your connections are at, across multiple sites, with online chat support.

Super easy handover

Handover in just a few clicks, without needing to adjust the final price or chase repayment of build usage charges.

One bill for all your sites

We consolidate your billing across multiple sites and trading names because we hate paperwork as much as you do :-)

100% free

Did we mention it's free? There's no cost to you... nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch. And there never will be.

How it works

We streamline the process of raising new connections, keep you updated on their progress, simplify handover, and ultimately
save you a lot of time and hassle.

Chloe & Craig complete a Customer Consent form

so that Bob the Builder can raise a new connection in their names. This simplifies billing and makes handover quick and easy.


Happy customers
Bob logs in and raises a new connection

in Chloe & Craig's names by completing a quick online form. Details for Bob, his sparky and plumber are pre-filled to save time.

Nice one.

=Happy builder
Bob tracks his connection progress online

and can get help from our experienced local support team - not an offshore call centre - before a one-click handover.

It's that easy.

Super happy builder

Meet your connections dashboard.

Create new connections, track their progress in realtime and more... you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Raise new connections online

Our easy step-by-step process replaces dozens of pages of paper forms.

Save time with pre- filled contact info

We save your preferred sparkies, plumbers and site supervisors so you don't have to re-enter their details. Every. Single. Time.

Track connection progress at a glance

Quickly find what you need - search by site address, service, customer and more.

Connect Express Builders dashboard

No more scattered paperwork trails

Forget long and confusing email chains - add notes or upload attachments and we'll keep everything together online in the one spot.

Get live online help when you need it.

Use our Conversations feature to chat with our friendly local support team. Or call them if your prefer.

Simple handover in just a few clicks.

No need to adjust final prices or chase up payment of build usage charges.

Our pricing is simple... it's free.

Free access



  • Express guided setup
  • Full access to online dashboard
  • Unlimited connection requests
  • Unlimited connection tracking
  • Regular feature upgrades
  • Local support via online chat, phone and email ( No offshore call centres! )

Terms & Conditions

Meet the team.

Unlike the big corporates, we're a small team totally focused on improving our product to meet the needs of builders & tradies like you.

Any questions? Drop us a line.


Extroverted introvert, avid gamer, loves his family and whisky. Once died for 43 seconds.

Ben Rich

Co-founder & CEO

No comment.

Carl Healy

Co-founder & CTO

Father to a pug called Bacon, and loves lifting heavy stuff while listening to audiobooks.

Jesse Lawson

Customer Success

Loves pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Plus travel, photography, coffee and his kids. Most of the time.

Warren Prasek

Product design

Space is the limit.

Chris Kim


Dabbles in philosophy and AI. Loves building things. Has been in a medieval sword fighting tournament.

Daniel Little


Likes keyboards, dislikes tedium. Uses the former to cure the latter.

Ian Ryan


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